Why Hearing Tests Are Done

Every hearing test begins with an examination of the ear, including your pinna, ear canal, eardrum, and middle ear. Using devices like a tympanometer and audiometer, your audiologist can gather a ton of information about the current state of your hearing. They can then use this information to do the following things:

Diagnose Medical Conditions

Most hearing loss is caused by aging, but that’s not always the case. Some hearing loss is the result of medical conditions like hypertension, diabetesMénière’s disease, STIs, and much more.

If a hearing test reveals that you’re experiencing some hearing loss, you and your audiologist can begin taking action to determine the cause.

Prevent Hearing Loss From Worsening

Going in for annual hearing tests gives your audiologist a history of audiograms to consult. They can compare your audiogram results from previous years, which allows them to see how your hearing is changing over time.

If your hearing starts to change, they can notify you of possible issues that may be causing your hearing loss. This includes noise-induced hearing loss and earwax buildup. If further hearing loss is preventable, they’ll give you the information you need to adapt your lifestyle and habits accordingly.

Improve Overall Health and Well-Being

Hearing loss can be damaging to both your physical and mental health. Many people who struggle with their hearing can develop anxiety in public and social situations, which can lead to self-isolation.

People who suffer from hearing loss, especially those unaware of it, could also be putting their physical health at risk. Hearing loss is linked to increased injuries in older populations, as they’re more likely to fall and may be unable to hear smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, car horns, pedestrian crossing signals, and more.

Begin Treatment Early

Not all hearing loss is preventable. However, there are devices that can improve your hearing and make it easier for you to navigate your day-to-day life. There are so many effective solutions out there, like quality hearing aids, that people aren’t taking advantage of. This is a major reason why hearing tests are important.

An audiologist can help you understand your options and offer insights into which devices are best suited to your lifestyle and condition. With their assistance, you or a loved one can acquire a device that offers a new lease on life.

When to Get a Hearing Test

Wondering when to book a hearing test? There’s really no bad time to have your hearing checked. In fact, we recommend having your hearing checked annually, especially if you’re middle-aged or elderly.

Hearing loss isn’t always immediately noticeable to the person suffering from it. Many assume it would never happen to them, even though approximately 3.6 million Australians have some degree of hearing loss.

That said, sometimes hearing loss is noticeable to the person suffering from it or their loved ones. In this case, you should book a hearing test as soon as possible. Please note that the most common symptoms of hearing loss include:
  • Needing people to repeat themselves
  • Watching TV or listening to music at a higher volume than others need
  • Difficulty keeping up with conversations (in person and on the phone)

Take Steps to Manage Your Hearing Health

If you want to make your hearing health a priority, annual hearing tests are a must. The insights you’ll gain about the current state of your hearing are well worth it. Contact us to schedule a hearing test today.