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Hearing loss can often occur so gradually that most people don’t even notice they have a problem, so it’s important to be able to recognise the signs! We've detailed five common indicators that you may have hearing loss.

1. You have difficulty hearing people talking on the telephone.

Most phones come with a volume control setting, so you might not have trouble hearing your friend, co-worker, or client because you’ve turned the volume up.
Check the settings on the telephone receiver. If it’s at max volume, chances are you, or someone at home or in the office, might need to consult a Connect Hearing professional.

2. You have difficulty hearing in noisy environments.

Although you normally hear well enough, you struggle to hear those close to you in environments with lots of background noise – restaurants, crowds and busy public places.
Hearing loss can make it difficult to block out background noise, a relatively simple problem to fix with a hearing aid.

3. The volume is on full.

Whether it’s the TV, your radio or your iPod – if the volume needs to be on full for you to hear it, you most likely have a hearing problem. This especially applies to those with a history of listening to loud music, playing in bands or attending rock concerts – the cumulative effect of years of listening to sounds at high volume may have damaged your hearing. This doesn’t just apply to older people – Connect Hearing clinicians are helping younger and younger people with their hearing loss after long-term exposure to loud noise. If the volume is loud enough for others to comment, book an appointment to see a Connect Hearing clinician.

4. You speak too loudly.

Hearing loss not only affects external sounds, but also your ability to process the sound of your own voice, often meaning sufferers tend to speak at a higher volume to compensate. If your family, friends or colleagues frequently tell you you’re speaking too loudly, it’s time to get your hearing checked by a Connect Hearing clinician.

5. You misunderstand what people say.

Human speech is a complex signal, containing both low, mid and high frequency sounds. People with hearing loss can miss words, parts of sentences or even entire sentences or phrases. If you find yourself constantly asking a speaker to repeat what they just said, and a common phrase you say is ‘I beg your pardon?’ you may have some hearing loss.

What to do next:

Like with any medical condition, those who suspect they, or a loved one, have hearing loss should see a Connect Hearing clinician as soon as possible. There are a range of options that mean living with hearing loss doesn’t have to affect your quality of life.

Contact us at Connect Hearing today and take the first step to better hearing.

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