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Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how important our hearing health is. But just as you might see at optometrist about your vision, or a dentist for your teeth, it’s also important to seek guidance from a hearing health professional on your hearing.

Who are our hearing health professionals?

  • Audiology Australia

  • The Australian College of Audiology

  • Hearing Aid Audiometrist Society of Australia

Audiologists are healthcare professionals who specialise in diagnosing and treating different types of hearing loss. They also help to advise on and distribute hearing aids. Australian audiologists are university graduates with postgraduate qualifications in audiology, or equivalent training. Furthermore, in order to distribute hearing aids to entitled pensioners or veterans, audiologists must be registered with an approved body, and have two years of clinical training.

Audiometrists are professionals who have received specialised training for the use of Pure Tone Audiometry equipment. Australian audiometrists receive certified training in audiometric screening, and can also distribute and recommend hearing aids if they complete the necessary further training. 

How can a hearing health professional help you?

The hearing health professionals at Connect Hearing are trained and qualified, ready to help you find the very best solution for your hearing loss.

Connect Hearing professionals regularly receive training and development, under the guidance of our Group Manager of Professional Practice and Professional Practice Panel, made up of seven leading Connect Hearing professionals from across the country.

It’s our top priority that you receive the very best treatment for your hearing loss, so we make it our mission to ensure our hearing specialists are trained, qualified and up to date on the latest in hearing health.

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