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Have you recently noticed that things are sounding muffled or has there been a low, persistent ringing in your ears? This could be caused by a build-up of ear wax.

Read on to find out more about our wax removal services and the importance of keeping your ears in tip top shape.

What is ear wax and why do we have it?

Ear wax — called cerumen — doesn’t get a lot of credit for its role in good ear health. It’s completely natural for your body to produce this sticky, waxy substance as part of the ear’s self-cleaning mechanism.

Ear wax traps tiny particles of dirt, dead skin cells and dust, filtering them out and away to protect the eardrum and the inner ear. The wax also lubricates the ear canal to prevent dryness or itching.

However, sometimes excessive ear wax can build-up in the ear canal and cause infections, earaches, and even hearing loss. This is why booking an appointment with a health care professional to remove any built up wax is important to ensure your ears are kept in tip top shape. 

Wax removal services and prices

Our team are here to help you hear better. We use the latest suction technology to clear ears of wax build-up that can interfere with hearing and hearing aid function. 

Our service price for wax removal is:
Appointment cost Appointment time
$99 30 minutes

If you require a longer appointment type our team will discuss this and any price differentiation with you directly. 
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