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Connect Hearing is a national network of healthcare hearing centres across Australia. Our network includes the very best hearing care professionals and hearing centres in Australia by focusing on customised care, technical superiority, service excellence and trust.

Welcome to our new Ambassador, Osher Günsberg

We’re excited to welcome Osher Günsberg on board as the new Connect Hearing Ambassador.  

Diagnosed with hearing loss 10 years ago, Osher has been wearing hearing aids for the last 5 years and knows how important it is to stay switched on to life and the people you love.

We look forward to working together to promote the importance of getting your hearing checked regularly so that you can stay connected. 

Get your hearing aid batteries delivered 

We care about keeping our customers connected to life. So, to make sure your hearing aids are kept in tip-top shape we are now offering a battery mailing service to our customers.

If you require new batteries for your hearing aids and you are a current Connect Hearing customer, please fill in this form to place your order and our team will send you new batteries as soon as possible.
Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids

Order your 2020 Consumer's Guide to hearing aids today! 

At Connect Hearing we believe that you should have the best advice when thinking about your hearing.

Available exclusively from Connect Hearing, this comprehensive guide makes comparing brands, models and functions easier than ever and it is the only truly independent guide to hearing aids in Australia.

Request your FREE online copy today.
What to expect at a Connect Hearing Centre
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Complete focus on finding the best solution for you.
Ongoing service and lifetime free care for your hearing aids.

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The Better Hearing Guarantee

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What is tinnitus?
Signs of hearing loss
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