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Many “truths” that you hear today about hearing aids are outdated and stem from a time when hearing aids worked using the old analog technology.

Many people find it hard to bring themselves to buy a hearing aid and use a whole range of excuses to justify this. Not all their statements are wholly false; however, these excuses often don’t apply to the latest technology.

Many “truths” that you hear today about hearing aids are outdated and stem from a time when hearing aids worked using the old analog technology. We have put together a few outmoded opinions for you and added the right answers.

Hearing aids are big and ugly

One of the main reasons people choose to put up with a hearing loss is because they don’t want to which they think will be noticeable and ugly. Ergonomic design and extremely thin tubing allows the aids to disappear behind the ear or completely in the canal and people often forget they are wearing them – until they hear the astonishing difference they make.

Hearing aids also come in a range of different styles and colours to match a number of different lifestyle and tastes.
Hearing aid types
Hearing aids create new problems without solving the old ones
You may have heard a family member or a friend talk about having a bad experience with their hearing aids. Hearing aids can take some adjustment and perseverance in the early stages to ensure that they are tuned perfectly to your hearing levels. This is why it is so important to with your hearing care professional after they have been fitted.

Hearing aids are much too expensive

Hearing aid prices vary depending on the hearing aid type, the technology level and whether or not you’re eligible for government subsidies. We have five product levels available that range from our entry level Accessible collection all the way to our Premium Plus range. Each level contains products that meet different technology and lifestyle requirements.

Which level you choose will depend on your personal and lifestyle preference. Click here to view our hearing aid prices.
You may also be eligible for a rebate on your private health fund, and if you are on a Pension, you may be eligible for fully subsidised hearing aids under the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program. Find out more here.

Hearing aids are complicated

Modern digital hearing aids are much simpler to operate than earlier models. The devices automatically recognise the environment you are in and adjust accordingly, so you don’t need to manually change settings.
Some devices like Lyric, are completely hassle-free. They can be worn for weeks at a time without the need to take them out. Your hearing care professional will run through all of the features and how they work at your hearing aid fitting.

If you wear a hearing aid, background noises sounds much too loud

Old, analogue devices did in fact amplify all noises. This meant that background noises were often uncomfortably loud. Modern digital devices amplify what you want to hear and reliably filter out background noises automatically.

They can even focus their microphones on the person you are talking to.

Hearing aids whistle in your ear

Modern digital devices eliminate the whistling just as reliably as they do annoying background noises.

They ensure maximum hearing comfort in every situation. If your hearing aid is fitted correctly, the whistling will not occur, but if it does, it can be fixed very easily.

Hearing aid in ear

I don't need a hearing aid

Many people deceive themselves and those around them and are in denial about their hearing loss. They reduce their quality of life and become a burden upon friends and family members because there is a great deal that they can no longer properly understand.

Early intervention makes sense and protects the brain against long-term damage.
getting your hearing checked

A hearing aid will make me look old

Hearing loss has nothing to do with age. Today more and more young people are suffering from hearing loss. This may be because they have listened to loud music for too long, for example.

Saying “I beg your pardon” makes your hearing loss much more noticeable than hearing aids, and as mentioned, many are completely invisible, so nobody will even notice you are wearing one.
Do I need a hearing aid?