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Visiting an audiologist
If you are experiencing hearing loss, it is important to get advice from a professional you can trust. Our audiologists and audiometrists will offer you advice, assess your hearing, recommend a hearing aid, and adjust it to your personal requirements. Find for valuable information on hearing issues, what you can expect on a first visit, what kind of help is available, and how the professionals are trained.
Hearing experts
Do you think you might be suffering from hearing loss? Then act now! The first step towards a better quality of life is to visit your hearing care professional. A hearing test will show if you are actually suffering from hearing loss. If you are, your hearing care professional will explain the available options. Our online hearing screening will give you an initial indication of your hearing ability.
Which Hearing Aid Should I Choose?
Just as every individual is different, no two types of hearing loss are the same. This is why there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to hearing aids. Fortunately, with the assistance of an audiologist or audiometrist, you will be able to find a hearing aid that perfectly fits your needs and your particular type of hearing loss. Below, we explain the journey toward purchasing a hearing aid, and what you should bear in mind.
5 Reasons Why The New Year Is A Great Time For A Hearing Test
While everybody is busily coming up with New Year’s resolutions (many of which often end up falling by the wayside like so many good intentions as the months roll on) this fresh new year actually presents a great opportunity for a brand new start. And one of the best new beginnings you can give yourself is to resolve to make your hearing health a priority. With this in mind, here are some of the top reasons why you should focus on your hearing as we move into 2019, and why you should book in to see an audiologist as soon as possible.
Top Tips For Skiing With Hearing Loss
In the winter months, the ski slopes are the place to be. Well, when we say ski slopes, we mean sitting by a warm fire in a ski lodge drinking mulled wine, looking out at the skiing fields and basking in the serenity.
Hearing aids: What to expect
Buying a hearing aid is an important decision. After all, it can significantly improve your quality of life. Give yourself plenty of time and seek expert advice on the differences between the various models. Where does your journey out of hearing difficulties begin? What should you bear in mind when seeking advice? The most important tips and information can be found below.
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