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We're All Ears
We’re All Ears is a community for people looking for tips, facts and advice about hearing loss and hearing solutions. One in six Australians are affected by hearing problems and we are here to help.
Hearing loss
One of our most important sensory organs are our ears, thus hearing loss has significant consequences. Hearing loss can be age-related, triggered by loud noises or infections, or hereditary. Hearing loss can occur very suddenly or accumulate over time. Fortunately, in most cases hearing impairment and quality of life can be greatly improved using hearing aids. Find out how.
Better Hearing Guarantee
At Connect Hearing, our Better Hearing Guarantee is all about providing you with the best hearing aids for your needs. You’ll find our experienced audiologists and audiometrists at our hearing centres, over 140 locations Australia-wide. Our team will be there to assist you every step of the way, from your first hearing test through to ongoing support as you adjust to life with your new hearing aid. We are committed to providing you with a better hearing experience.
Noise-induced Hearing Loss
Do loud noises ever hurt your ears? From televisions and construction work, to heavy traffic and a restaurant full of people talking. The world is a noisy place. While hearing loss can be part of the aging process, studies have shown that exposure to as few as 90 decibels can lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. But how loud is too loud? This application will give you an idea of how everyday situations such as meeting with friends in a café or going to a rock concert can affect your hearing.
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