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Quick and easy online hearing test

How many words do you miss?

Try our Speech Perception Test to find out – its free, only takes 5 minutes and you receive your results instantly.
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Our free online Speech Perception Test or SPT is a scientifically-validated online hearing test developed in Australia by Peter Blamey and the team at our sister company Blamey Saunders with the objective of making it easy to understand your real-world hearing performance.
About the Speech Perception Test  

You will be asked to listen to 50 spoken words and type what you hear – don’t worry, spelling doesn't matter.

Before you start, you will need:
  • A computer, phone, or tablet with an up to date web browser.
  • A good pair of headphones or speakers with adjustable listening volume.
  • A quiet environment.
  • 5 minutes of your time
Your results will show a score out of 50 for how many words you identified correctly and information on the types of words and sound frequencies you may have difficulty hearing.

Start the test now

Want to know more about the SPT and how it works? Click here for more information 

Or test your hearing with our 3 minute “beep” test

We know it's hard to self-assess your hearing, and whether to reach out for help from a Hearing Care Specialist, which is why Connect Hearing have two free online hearing tests available for you to test your hearing.
Our free 3 minute online hearing test is simple – just follow the step-by-step instructions to signal when you hear the “beep” sounds that are played. You will receive your results immediately.

All you need is:
  • A pair of headphones or ear phones (earbuds) – please turn off noise cancellation
  • A quiet environment to conduct the online hearing test
  • 3 minutes of your time

Start the beep test

Our beep online hearing test is a short version of the test used by audiologists in clinic, it can help identify potential areas of concern with your hearing.
During this test, we use different pitch levels to help identify which sound frequencies may be of concern and if your hearing may benefit from further consultation. We test for higher, lower, and mid-pitch levels and will ask some self-evaluation questions related to everyday hearing situations.
Do you want a professional hearing screening by one of our Hearing Care Specialists? Find your closest store here.

Please note that this online hearing test is not a substitute for visiting a Hearing Care Specialist.

This online hearing test gives you an initial assessment of your hearing and will provide early indicators of any possible hearing loss.
How telehealth appointments can benefit your hearing health
Understanding the Speech Perception Test
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