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Connect Hearing brings you your one stop shop for hearing aids, batteries, accessories and other devices.

We’re committed to providing you with a hearing solution that fits both your lifestyle and your budget seamlessly. Our goal is to keep you switched on and connected to life, and to help you actively manage your hearing, on your terms.

Hearing aid prices vary depending on the hearing aid type, the technology level and whether or not you’re eligible for government subsidies.

So what are the product levels available and which is right for me?

We have five product levels available that range from our entry level Accessible collection all the way to our Premium Plus range. Each level contains products that meet different technology and lifestyle requirements.

Which level you choose will depend on your personal and lifestyle preferences.

Our product levels include:


This entry level, practical solution helps reconnect you to loved ones with hearing aids that will improve your hearing in quiet environments.


Products in the Essential collection will give you everything from the Accessible collection plus enable TV connectivity and help you to better communicate with one person in a quite environment.


Our Advanced collection of products will give you everything from the Accessible and Essential collections plus:  
  • Hear and chat clearly with a small group of friends in a quiet environment
  • Hear clearly on the phone again


If you want everything from the Accessible, Essential and Advanced collection but you also want to live life on your terms and realise your hearing to its full potential – then our Premium collection is for you

Products in this collection:
  • Help to minimise background noise and allow you to have clear conversations in a noisy environment
  • Provide multiple Bluetooth connections

Premium Plus

Our Premium Plus range combines all the features and benefits of the Accessible, Essential, Advanced and Premium collections, plus additional trailblazing solutions that uniquely address all hearing challenges, including understanding in even the most difficult listening situations.

Hearing Aid Technology and Pricing

Different technology levels are available for your hearing aids. We’ll work together to choose the one that best matches your listening lifestyle and needs, so you can stay switched on and connected to the life you love. 

Phonak Lumity hearing devices

Phonak Paradise hearing devices

Phonak Paradise hearing devices

Phonak Paradise hearing devices

Unitron Vivante hearing devices

Unitron Discover Next hearing devices

Lyric invisible hearing aids

Lyric Invisible hearing aid
1Rechargeability not available in FTC hearing aids.
2Additional features available in Audéo rechargeable models only.
*Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP). Some devices in Unitron’s Essential range may be available as fully subsidised devices under HSP for clients who meet certain criteria. For more information and to check your eligibility, visit hearingservices.gov.au

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