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In-the-ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

This hearing aid is placed like an earplug in the ear canal. Once inside, it is virtually invisible to the naked eye. 

Some devices have an antenna-shaped tab to pull them out. In-the-ear hearing aids are available in different designs, which differ in size, performance and fit. To ensure optimal comfort, the hearing care professional takes a print (known as an impression) of your ear canal to customise the shell.
In-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids are a good option if you want an easy-to-handle device. The traditional ITE hearing aid come in different sizes, and are typically worn fully inside the ear or ear canal. These types of hearing aids can house many electronic features within one single case, providing room for more features including a telecoil, multiple directional microphone,
and more.

Volume control and program selection can be done via a remote control. Many models can be connected wirelessly to electronic devices such as smart phones and TV's.
  • Very discreet and hardly recognisable from the outside
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses
  • More comfortable during sports 
  • Use the properties of the pinna and thus enables a natural sound
  • Only suitable for mild or moderate hearing loss
  • Possible use depends on the shape and size of the ear canal 
  • More vulnerable to moisture
  • For smaller models, there is no wireless feature
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