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Create impact. Transform lives. Become a Connector.

As one of our ‘Connectors’, you will enjoy a competitive salary and benefits, subsidised professional development, flexible work arrangements and early access to leading global innovation in hearing care. You will be joining an energetic, friendly and supportive team with access to some of the world’s best hearing health care professionals in a growing national and global network.

Opportunities available

Busselton (WA) - Full Time
Mandurah (WA) - Full Time
Duncraig (WA) - Full time or part time
Rockhampton (QLD) - Full time or part time
Bathurst/Orange - Full time
Melbourne - various roles - Full time or part time
Sydney - various roles - Full time or part time

See Australia on us! Great new opportunity to join our National Relief Team! 
Relief Team (QLD) - Full Time - based in Brisbane, this role will cover Brisbane metro and National relief in regional areas.
Relief Team (WA) - Full Time - based in Perth, this this role will cover Perth metro and National relief in regional areas.

Support Office
Customer Care Consultant - Full Time

Here’s what our team say about us

“At Connect Hearing I’m part of a supportive team with colleagues who take pride in providing high clinical standards and achieving the best outcomes for their clients. I’m kept up to date with new technology, and really value ongoing clinical discussions through teleconferences as we are in a remote location. I enjoy being able to be client focused by having a range of trial devices in the clinic that we can loan out, change technology levels and ensure good outcomes. My favourite part of my role is having autonomy and choice with regard to my clinical practice which was a concern for me when I took on this role. I would happily recommend an audiologist friend to join Connect Hearing for all of these reasons.”

-    Alexandra, Audiologist 
“Connect Hearing is flexible with my lifestyle and fully supports a healthy work and life balance. They do their utmost to support my learning and development, especially following my transition from an intern to a qualified practitioner. It regularly provides me with resources such as time allocated towards my education, teleconferences and helpful mentors. The management knows every face by name and are open to feedback that can improve our day-to-day and there is high transparency amongst all levels of staff.

The absolute favourite part of my role is getting to make a difference in clients' lives, whilst knowing that Connect Hearing wholesomely supports me with the resources and support to continue providing the best quality service that its known for. Customers trust us to take care of them, and they appreciate us knowing them by name and knowing their story. The community has full trust in the Connect Hearing brand.”

-    Polina, Audiologist
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