Starting the year right

Why not get the New Year off to a great start, by ensuring peace of mind on at least this one matter? If you book a hearing test with an audiologist then that guarantees that it will be one less thing on your mind over the holidays and moving into the months ahead. Whatever news they give you, you will be able to stop wondering and worrying about the unknowns, and deal only with the ‘knowns’.

Getting it out of the way early

Everyone loves crossing resolutions off their list early, so here’s an easy one to check off before it joins those Spanish language lessons you keep putting off. Put “booking a hearing test” at the top of your 2019 resolutions and then cross it off by making an appointment today. Making a start like this is a good way to build the kind of momentum which will see you move through the rest of your list of resolutions in no time at all.

Enjoy the sounds of summer

Whether it’s the soft chirping of crickets at night, the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore, or the rhythmic drone of cicadas and the boisterous play of kids splashing about in the backyard pool during the sweltering heat of the day, the sounds of summer are unmistakable. That is, unless you can’t hear them. The sooner you book a hearing test and get fitted for hearing aids, if you should need them, then the sooner you’ll be able to hear and appreciate all the wonderful sounds that summer has to offer.

Family gatherings will be less stressful

If you have an untreated hearing issue, then it’s true that you may miss a few words here and there at family gatherings this Christmas. But next year needn’t be a repeat of the same situation. If you get tested now, then you’ll be set for family gatherings all throughout the New Year. Adapting to a new hearing aid is a quick process, and by Easter you may already be in a much better position than you were at Christmas. You can look forward to hearing every word, being able to contribute to conversations and laugh at terrible family jokes.

You’ll be able to see and hear next year’s NYE fireworks

The blooming flowers of exploding light in the night sky are so awe inspiring and impressive to watch, and we can all feel the thumping shockwave vibrations of the New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations in our chests. But if these booms sound like little more than muffled thumps to your ears, then you may have a hearing problem. We all have to protect our hearing from fireworks, but if you’re not hearing them properly there’s still time to get yourself checked so that next year you can hear everything from the crackles of the little crackers to the bangs of the big ones. All from a safe distance of course.

With all these reasons to strengthen your resolve, and make the necessary changes to your hearing health, there is nothing is stopping you from booking in today to see an audiologist and get 2019 started right.

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