Exercise your Mind

It may seem obvious, but reading is one of the best sound-free activities you can engage in your entire life. In an age of audiobooks and Internet articles, we recommend the age-old, page-fold method. Traditional books and magazines will do zero damage to your ears or eyes. Plus, there’s something charming about thumbing through printed pages, and quiet libraries are a great place to forget your hearing troubles.

Exercise your Soul

What better way to embrace silence than meditation? It’s an activity based on soundlessness! Not only will your ears rest easy, routine meditation is considered one of the best methods for preserving brain function by increasing brain cell volume without increasing any actual volume. If you do prefer to meditate with sound, we recommend lowkey music or natural soundtracks (ocean waves, forest sounds, etc.).

Don’t Forget your Body

Physical exercise is undoubtedly important for general health and overall organ function, and your muscles aren’t the only ones toning up when you sweat it out. All your body’s inner systems, including those that control your hearing, are strengthened and maintained through regular sweat sessions. Not an athlete? Just choose activities you love – whether it’s walking, swimming, weights, yoga, dancing – almost anything can be a workout these days! Just be sure you don’t negate the positive benefits by cranking up eardrum-busting music. If you’re swimming, be sure to avoid swimmer’s ear, which can be damaging to hearing health.

Get into Arts and Crafts

They’re not just for kids! Simple arts and crafts are a fantastic way to keep creative juices flowing – they boost cognitive activity and help keep your auditory processing system stimulated. Not an artist? No worries – sites like Pinterest, Etsy, etc. have no shortage of easy activities and DIY ideas, plus visual tutorials and question and answer forums. You’ll not only save your hearing, you may even save some money on gifts or home decor!

Start a Scrapbook

Preserve your ears and your memories by picking up scrapbooking! Our Facebook fan, Carol D., said this is her favourite sound-free activity, along with card making. So start snapping and scrapping all upcoming events – your family, friends, and ears will thank you.

If you have other ideas for favourite activities, we’d love to hear them on our Facebook page. If you have questions or concerns about your hearing, booking a hearing test today.