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Experiencing hearing loss can at times be exhausting, leading to increased cognitive load and fatigue as our brains work hard to engage in listening and communication. This exhaustion can impact various aspects of life, from the overall well-being of your staff and members, to their work quality and ability to maintain meaningful connections with colleagues, friends, and family. 

To address this challenge, we've created Connect Advantage, with a singular objective: to equip your employees and members with the resources and advantages they require to proactively manage their hearing health. 

Connect Advantage is a hassle-free, cost-free program designed to support your employees or members of all ages* in maintaining peak performance. It offers routine hearing assessments, expert guidance, and reduced prices on cutting-edge hearing technology, such as hearing aids, wireless accessories, and Assistive Listening Devices. 

Exclusive benefits and offers for Connect Advantage members:

  • A free comprehensive in-person or remote hearing assessment (valued at $99) 

  • 10% off the purchase price of our latest range of hearing aids* 

  • 20% off wireless hearing aid accessories 

  • 10% off assistive listening devices 

  • 10% off hearing protection 

  • Ongoing aftercare package 

Getting started

Enrolling your employees and members in the Connect Advantage program is free! Eligible members can encompass health fund, sports, social or community clubs, among others.

Contact our team today to determine eligibility:

Want to talk to someone now? Call us on 1300 130 578 or email the team directly at connectadvantage@connecthearing.com.au with any questions.

*Conditions and exclusions apply. See full terms and conditions here for more information. 

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