What is Feefo?

Feefo is a leading global customer reviews and insights platform on a mission to empower its clients to fully understand how their customers experience their product or service. The service is trusted for benchmarking over 5,000 brands worldwide and committed to collecting real feedback, from real people.
We chose to incorporate Feefo into our businesses as we know our clients have the choice to go to any hearing care professional they want and we wanted to know what drives them to choose Connect Hearing. We wanted to know how we can do better, provide better services and tailor our products better, based off of real time feedback from our clients, so that we can continuously develop and provide the best hearing care service possible.
So, how does it work? Every client that purchases from us, be it from a clinic, or remotely, is emailed a Feefo review survey. Questions commonly asked in this survey, include:
  • On a scale of one to ten, how likely are you to recommend Connect Hearing to a friend, relative or colleague?
  • Did Connect hearing really listen and have a clear understanding of what my personal needs were.
And, because we are so committed to providing the best service we can to our clients, we have a team dedicated to following up with clients who provide a score that suggests they were not fully satisfied with their experience so that we can find out what we could have done better.

What is a Feefo Trusted Service Award?

To be given a Gold Trusted Service Award by Feefo, a business has to collect at least 50 client reviews between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2021, with a Feefo service rating of between 4.5 and 4.9 stars!
In February 2022, we were awarded a Gold Trusted Service award! Of our clients who provided feedback:
Michelle Lawson, Managing Director of Connect Hearing, says “our teams are fully committed to the highest quality of service, so it’s vital for us to listen, understand and respond to all our customers.”

So, why is receiving the right service so important?

Because let’s face it we all have a choice. Our clients have worked hard. They deserve to get what they need in a way it suits them and their lifestyle best. And it’s this choice that has seen 79% of Australians aged 60+ move on from brands that are no longer fulfilling or meaningful to them.¹  And we intend to stay part of the 21% that remain loyal!
We know our clients have active lifestyles, are busy with family and friends and are usually on the go from one social event to another. They need products and services that a tailored to them and allow them to manage their hearing health while still staying connected and in control of the life they love.
Listening to truly understand what the client needs is key to great service. And Sydney based Audiologist, Chloe, knows just how important receiving the right care and service is to our clients.
“Providing personalised care that is unique to each of my clients is extremely important to me as I want every client to feel supported and empowered with the choices they make about their hearing health. These choices can ultimately improve their quality of life as well as their relationships so it is imperative that my clients are making an informed choice and feel supported along the way.”

“At Connect Hearing we really personalise our care and recommendations to suit everyone's individual needs and preferences. We spend a lot of time with our clients both face to face and on the phone to ensure they feel supported along their hearing health journey,” says Chloe.  
It’s this personalised care that is at the core of what we do. Whether a client is looking to be fitted with a completely invisible device like Lyric or wants to be able to swim while wearing their latest Phonak Life hearing aid, our team will work with each and every client to choose a hearing solution that fits seamlessly into their lifestyle and budget.
And it doesn’t stop there. All Connect Hearing clients have access to:
  • Ongoing care and support for the life of their device
  • Free trials to ensure the suggested hearing solution is right for their lifestyle
  • Access to any of our 100+ clinics nationwide as well as our Melbourne based Teleaudiology team who are experts in remote support
  • Innovative hearing technology from leading manufacturers
  • Tailored hearing solutions that provide a holistic service approach that is unique to every client
Our Ambassador, Susie Elelman, was initially a client of Connect Hearing before actively seeking out opportunities to work closer with us after experiencing the Connect Hearing difference first hand.

Susie tells us, “I’ve been living with hearing loss for most of my life, but the first time I connected with Connect Hearing wasn’t until 2017. The team has patiently worked with me to find a wonderful hearing solution that fits my lifestyle.”

 “I’m constantly impressed with the vast knowledge, experience and passion of the Connect Hearing team along with the amazing state-of-the-art hearing solutions that have greatly improved my quality of life. I want everyone to enjoy that same award winning service from Connect Hearing as I do and it all starts with a free hearing test.”

Empowering our clients to take control of and prioritise their hearing health is our passion. Because Your Hearing is our only priority.

For more information about Feefo, visit www.feefo.com

¹Secrets & lies: Ageless & Blooming. Uncovering the truth about ageing in Australia Chapter three. WPP AUNZ.