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Get your hearing aid batteries delivered

We care about keeping our customers connected to life and know this can be especially difficult during current COVID-19 isolation measures.

To make sure your hearing aids are kept in tip-top shape we are now offering a battery mailing service to our customers. If you require new batteries for your hearing aids and you are a current Connect Hearing customer, please fill in this form to place your order and our team will send you new batteries as soon as possible.
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What size batteries do I need?

Hearing aid batteries come in four sizes: 10, 13, 312, and 675. Don’t be confused by the additional codes, such as A, PR, S, ZD, ZA, V, DA, or ZL – these are less important. The size can be found on the front of the packaging, on the right, highlighted with the relevant color.
Hearing aid type Color code Diameter Height Capacity Voltage
675 Blue 11.6 mm 5.4 mm 650 mAh* 1.4 V
13 Orange 7.9 mm 5.4 mm 310 mAh 1.4 V
312 Brown 7.9 mm 3.6 mm 180 mAh 1.4V
10 Yellow 5.8 mm 3.6 mm 100 mAh 1.4 V
*mAh = milliampere hours

Terms & Conditions: Battery request

  • You must be a Connect Hearing customer to receive this service
  • Maximum amount of batteries per-person, per-order is 3 cards (18 batteries lasting approx 2 months) of your required batteries.
  • You will receive your order between 3 and 6 business days from day of dispatch
  • If you receive the Government Hearing Services Program Subsidy, or are a WorkCover/WorkSafe customer or have the Connect Plus package - there is no charge.
  • If a charge is applicable, you will be contacted to make payment over the phone. Your request will then be processed
  • Only credit card or debit card payments accepted 
  • Please ensure you have an adequate battery supply when ordering batteries to cover delivery times and to ensure you do not run out.
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