Travelling with hearing loss, especially by plane, can be challenging. Hearing aids can make a substantial difference, but there are still ways you can prepare ahead of time. Here are a few tips for travelling with hearing aids.

Pack Hearing Aid Essentials

Layovers and sudden delays have made air travel a bit unpredictable. That's why keeping your hearing aid essentials in your carry-on is important. This ensures that you'll always be able to access your tools to resolve any problem rather than having to wait for your checked luggage. Not sure what to pack to keep your hearing aids functioning? Here's a quick list of essentials you won't want to go without:
  • Cleaning Kit: In your carry-on, you should bring whatever you normally use to clean your hearing aids. Your routine may change since you're travelling, but having easy access to the kit may help you stay on track. 
  • Charging Items: If your hearing aids are rechargeable, remember to pack your charging cable and charging station. Keep it in your carry-on so you can charge your hearing aids if you face any delays.
  • Extra Batteries: You might wear your hearing aids more than usual while travelling. So bring extra batteries just in case. Otherwise, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation of not being able to hear well and may search for them in stores when you're supposed to be enjoying your getaway.  

Don't Worry About Turning Them Off

There's a lot of confusion around wearing hearing aids through airport security and on the planes themselves. The truth is, you can and should wear your hearing aids through security and during the flight. There's no reason to miss out on a single moment of your trip.
Wear Them Through Security
It's a misconception that your hearing aids will set off metal detectors or body scanners. They won't. Still, there's nothing wrong with mentioning that you're wearing hearing aids to the security agent before proceeding. 
Wear Them on the Flight
It's also completely okay to wear hearing aids on the plane (even after they ask people to turn off their electronic devices). Wearing your hearing aids during the flight will make it easier for you to understand your fellow travellers and flight staff. That means you can enjoy all the exciting chit-chat as you approach your destination!

Prioritise Hearing Health Before Your Trip

A lot of work goes into planning a trip, so ensure your hearing health is taken care of before you take off! If you're interested in hearing aids or simply having your hearing checked, please contact a Connect Hearing audiologist today to make an appointment.