Podcasts About Tinnitus

Podcasts are a great medium for learning more about tinnitus, listening to personal stories, and hearing from leading researchers in the field. Below are some podcasts to consider checking out.

1. Tinnitus Talk - Tinnitus Talk doesn't put out new episodes very often, but they have a great catalogue of interviews with tinnitus researchers and patients.

2. How I Got Tinnitus - If you want to hear the stories of other people living with tinnitus, this is a good choice. The host has content discussing his experience with tinnitus and regularly interviews both patients and researchers.

3. Outring Tinnitus Podcast - The Outring Tinnitus Podcast has put out a lot of content with tinnitus researchers from around the world making it an informative listen.

Apps for Managing Tinnitus

There truly is an app for everything, and we're thankful for that. Some apps exist to help you manage your tinnitus with things like guided meditation, breathing techniques, sound masking, and more. Here are a few that are worth giving a try.

1. NatureSpace - NatureSpace is a great app for sound masking — a coping tool for many sufferers that can cover the sound of tinnitus and offer temporary relief. This app's nature soundscapes are beautiful and incomparably immersive.

2. MyNoise - Another good app for sound masking, MyNoise offers an excellent library of ambience and soundscapes. This includes several experimental sounds intended for individuals with tinnitus.

3. Quieten - Led by tinnitus expert Julian Cowan Hill, Quieten features an array of free audio and video content to help you habituate and understand your tinnitus. The app also offers relaxation techniques, coping tools, and more.

Tinnitus Education, Blogs, and Support Groups

There are many websites and blogs fully dedicated to those suffering from tinnitus and/or hearing loss. We've listed three that have a lot to offer in terms of educational content, support, and resources.
1. Tinnitus Australia - Formed in 2015, Tinnitus Australia is a great resource if you want to access educational content, keep up with the latest tinnitus research, and learn about in-person events.

2. Rewiring Tinnitus - Author and tinnitus coach Glenn Schweitzer's website offers an informative blog, book reviews, tinnitus relief audio, and much more.

3. Deafness Forum Australia - This website has a very detailed blog post about tinnitus along with countless resources about all things related to hearing.


Make an Appointment With a Hearing Specialist

If you suspect you're suffering from tinnitus, the best thing you can do is contact a Connect Hearing specialist for professional help. For individuals that are 55+, regular visits to an audiologist are also great for monitoring your hearing health.