A hearing test – is it free?

Hearing tests are the most effective ways to manage and protect your hearing. From catching problems early, to recommending specific hearing products that improve your quality of life, they serve many purposes. While people know the importance of having regular hearing tests, a question that they often ask is “are hearing tests free?” The answer - It depends on the type of test.

Hearing aids – Does cost matter?

Customisation is critical, and this is reflected in the price also. This involves an evaluation and fitting by a hearing aid specialist who will ensure the device is comfortable, and suited to the particular hearing requirements of the wearer. A hearing test and evaluation will establish the extent of your hearing problem and the potential solutions. After initial fitting the audiologist will test and adjust the device over an extended period to gradually refine its hearing characteristics to match as closely as possible the wearer’s requirements. The cost of the hearing aid will often include this initial fitting and subsequent follow-up in the cost of the hearing aid.

Why should I buy hearing aids locally?

Shopping for a hearing aid can be a very overwhelming experience. While there are a myriad of hearing aids available in Australia and around the world, the difficulty is finding the right hearing aid for you - because no two hearing problems, ear shapes or lifestyles are the same. Therefore, whatever the issue with your hearing, Australia is the place to buy a hearing aid you can trust and depend on. Here are just some of the big advantages of choosing a certified hearing aid specialist in Australia over an international provider or online supplier.

Why are hearing aids cheaper overseas?

Before making a judgment on prices, you need to have all the necessary information about what comes with that price. The cost of doing business is different in each country and hearing aid prices are affected by Government regulations, the value of the currency and transfer pricing. Prices of consumer goods are also linked to the cost of living and demand for a product. For example, consumer prices in the United States is on average 66% lower than in Australia and their hearing aid market is about ten times the size- this is called economies of scale and it is the same for all retail products in Australia.

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Hearing aid manufacturers invest huge amounts in Research & Development to create this technology and unfortunately the number of hearing aids in use, in comparison to mobile phones for example, so as a result the cost is higher. This software contains algorithms which, amongst other things, reduce unwanted noise, recognize and enhance speech, compress certain frequencies to make them audible to the hearing impaired and allow a hearing aid to detect which direction speech is coming from beam in on that.

Why do hearing aid prices vary so much?

Hearing aid prices vary mainly due to the wide selection of options, features, and benefits. Hearing aid technology has been around for quite a long time, providing plenty of years for improvements. Generally, hearing aids that add more comfort have a higher price tag, as well as those with added features such as wind reduction, noise cancellation and water resistance

Can I do a hearing test online?

The online hearing test uses speech tests that check how well you hear a number of spoken words against different levels of background noise. This is also part of a far more comprehensive hearing test an audiologist will give you. Also there will be some questions to answer that will help determine whether you have hearing difficulties, and the level of the problem.

Hearing aids – do they really work?

Millions of people around the world suffer from hearing problems. Sadly, many don’t know about, or can’t afford, the benefits of a quality hearing aid. And that’s the key - not all hearing aids are the same. On the internet, there are many reviews about the risks of buying hearing aids online – and the risks. At the same time, you’ll find many glowing reports from people who were professionally tested and fitted for the right hearing aid.

Are there different types of hearing loss?

When describing hearing loss we generally look at three attributes: type of hearing loss, degree of hearing loss, and the configuration of the hearing loss. Hearing loss can be categorised by where or what part of the auditory system is damaged.

Is hearing loss inevitable?

Hearing damage can happen at any age. People who are exposed to noise and do not protect their hearing begin to lose their hearing at an early age. For example, by age 25 the average carpenter has "50 year old" ears!

Will it matter if I put it off?

Yes it will! Generally, once damage to the ear is done, it cannot be reversed. So if you already have some signs of noise-related hearing loss, prevent further damage and preserve the hearing that you still have

How is hearing loss treated?

Sometimes there is a treatable cause, such as ear wax or infection, a hole in the eardrumor fluid in the middle ear (glue ear).These problems can be easily fixed. However, most cases are due to ageing and loud noise exposure (especially from the workplace or music) and are permanent. If you have a hearing loss see your GP for a checkup and a hearing test as treatment can greatly improve your quality of life.

Are there alternatives?

Sadly, all too often, people ignore the warning signs of hearing loss - or knowingly (or unknowingly) continue to expose themselves to damaging noise. Early intervention can make a world of difference between simply fitting hearing aids and far more elaborate surgical solutions.

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