Get the most out of your conversations with technology that automatically adjusts to keep up with life’s every-changing moments.

Nobody knows exactly what each new day will bring. Life is a winding road with unexpected twists and exciting turns and to fully enjoy the ride, you need hearing aids that can keep up.

Moxi Blu is designed for hassle-free listening; as you move through your day, your Moxi Blu hearing aids automatically adjust to your ever-changing environment, enhancing the sounds you want to hear, while minimising background noise.
Unitron Moxi Blu Hearing aids
Easy personalisation for a hearing experience tailored to you.

To make your hearing journey even smoother, Moxi Blu is equipped with easy, on-the-go personalisation. The Remote Plus app allows you to boost sound clarity or listening comfort in the moment, as well as select and customise pre-set hearing programs designed for your life.

To top it off, your Connect Hearing health care professional can make adjustments remotely, so you can have an excellent listening experience without having to visit a clinic!

Seamless connectivity between your hearing aids and multiple Bluetooth devices.

You can also enjoy seamless connectivity between your hearing aids and multiple Bluetooth enabled digital devices*.

Being able to interact with our digital world is more than just convenient, it’s vital and with Unitron Moxi Blu, you can make hands-free phone calls, stream music, podcasts and other media directly into your hearing aids, controlling everything with just a tap^.

The Moxi Blu family of hearing aids is designed for your comfort and ease of use.

Hearing aids are a part of your everyday life, so comfort and ease of use are essential. The new Moxi Blu family uses award-winning design philosophy, with an easy-to-find and press multi-function button for convenient control and a range of receiver-in-canal (RIC) designs to meet your individual needs. We also know there’s nothing worse than running out of battery when you least expect it, so you can enjoy a full day of listening on a single Moxi Blu charge.

Every day we navigate through a world of impromptu paths and unplanned detours. Having the latest generation of hearing aids, coupled with enhanced personalisation capabilities and seamless connectivity, can prepare you for wherever life takes you.

Explore technology levels

Product  What’s included What you’re missing
Moxi Blu 9
From $5,875 per pair
Premium performance in 7 environments and the most sophisticated features that let
you focus on speech and know where it’s coming from in crowds and background noise. Plus, enjoy improved awareness of where sounds come from and the ability to hear in quiet as well as delightful music, automatically.
Nothing. You’ve got the whole package!
Moxi Blu 7
From $5,035 per pair
Advanced performance in 6 environments with a great feature that will help you focus on speech coming from the front and sides in
challenging situations, improved awareness of where sounds come from and the ability to hear in quiet situations, plus an automatic
music program.
The most sophisticated feature to focus in different directions in noisy conversations plus automatic adjustment for comfort in very high noise.
Moxi Blu 5
From $4,195 per pair
Standard performance in 4 environments that includes a feature to help you to know where
sounds are coming from and the ability to hear in quiet environments.
An advanced noise reduction feature to further enhance speech from the front and automatic engagement of a music
Moxi Blu 3
From $2,755 per pair
The basics in 2 environments. Limited ability to adjust automatically to accommodate multiple listening environments. Literally everything else.

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program (HSP) provides ongoing support and subsidises the cost of hearing products and services for eligible pensioners and veterans. For more information and to check your eligibility, visit

*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with compatible Bluetooth® connectivity.
^Tap Control available at all technology levels for rechargeable hearing instruments.
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