The misconception stems from the fact that, historically, hearing aids were predominantly bulky and behind the ear, which caused irritation for those sporting specs. Nowadays, there are only a few instances we’d advise against wearing the two together.

The shape of your ear can make a difference – for instance, if your ear is extremely small and the pinna (top outer portion of the ear) sits very close to your head, you may find BTE (Behind-The-Ear) hearing aids difficult to wear with glasses. The shape of your devices also matters – if your glasses are very thick or you wear eyewear retainers, you’re likely going to feel discomfort. Additionally, if you’re still donning an older device, you may want to consider an upgrade.

Talk to one of our hearing experts at an obligation-free assessment about in-the-ear devices or depending on your loss, the Lyric, which is hidden in the ear canal and completely invisible to the naked eye. It boasts such advanced technology that wearers often forget they’re even wearing hearing aids!