Discover the latest in hearing aid technology from Phonak

The Phonak Audéo Paradise delivers crisp, natural sound built on their most powerful sound processing chip yet, the PRISM™.

In addition to the added processing power, Phonak Audéo Paradise has added a number of innovative features to better enhance your hearing experience such as a new motion sensor and the new Adaptive Phonak Digital fitting.
Phonak Audéo Paradise Hearing Aids Pair

What are the benefits and features of the Audéo Paradise?

Universal Connectivity
Compatible with both iOS and Android so you can choose the lifestyle devices that work best for you, and still have the very best in hearing technology.
Stream 2 Bluetooth® devices simultaneously
Move seamlessly between streaming music / TV and answering the phone. No need to disconnect one first before connecting with the second.
Pairing for up to 8 Bluetooth® devices
With up to 8 Bluetooth® connections, you can move easily between your hearing wants, not just your phone and TV.
Unrivalled sound quality

The Phonak Audéo Paradise is specifically formulated to give the wearer access to the subtle layers and textures of sounds for a crisp, sharp and incredibly natural experience in all situations.

myPhonak App 4.0
Control your hearing aids‘ volume and personalised sound settings direct from the app. With your Hearing Diary, you can fine tune your ongoing experience with help from your clinician.
Motion Sensor Hearing
The Phonak Audéo Paradise detects whether you are stationary or moving and steers the microphone so you don’t have to turn your head to talk. Walk on!

Speech Enhancer
Speech Enhancer ensures you notice each subtle speaker cue, even in a quiet environment when the other person is speaking softly or from a distance.
Dynamic Noise Cancellation
Tune in to what’s really important with noise cancellation when conversing with family and friends in a social setting. The combination of spatial noise cancellation and directional sound focus, allows you to hone into the important sounds and manage your noise cancellation real time!
Tap Control
Use your smartphone hands-free; simply double tap your ear to answer calls, activate voice assistance or control your music streaming.

What features are in each technology level?

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