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Our portfolio features the best and latest hearing aid models from leading manufacturers to help you once again enjoy a full range of sounds.

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Whatever your needs and requirements, we promise you good hearing from any manufacturer, for any hearing profile, and for any lifestyle. Whether you prefer in-the-ear hearing aids or behind-the-ear hearing aids, we have the right hearing aid for you. Visit your local Connect Hearing clinic to browse the latest range of hearing aids from renowned manufacturers, and benefit from a free consultation with one of our Clinicians.

Phonak hearing aids

Modern hearing aids, a natural hearing experience, and renewed quality of life: This is Phonak, a brand of the Sonova Group, in a nutshell. For over 70 years, the Swiss hearing aid manufacturer has been setting new standards in the development of state-of-the-art, innovative hearing aids to match every budget, age, lifestyle, and type of hearing loss.
In close collaboration with audiologists, as well as international universities, Phonak develops sophisticated and original hearing solutions for both adults and children.

The launch of Phonak’s Lyric model, known as the „contact lens for the ear“, was a genuine market innovation. The hearing aid can be worn without interruption for longer periods of time. Sitting entirely invisibly in the ear canal, it offers a unique sound experience.

Unitron hearing aids

Since 1964, the Canadian hearing aid manufacturer Unitron has been developing state-of-the-art hearing aids that harmonise natural hearing and speech recognition without compromise. The company is part of the Sonova Group and offers cutting-edge technology and brand quality at a fair price.
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