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Meet Linda from our Castle Hill clinic

Meet Linda from our Castle Hill clinic

Hello, I’m Linda!  Linda Castle hill clinic

I’m a hearing aid wearer, a Connect Hearing client and employee, as well as a breast cancer survivor. 

I'm a huge advocate for the Cancer Council, you’ll always find me fundraising for them whenever I can...save our boobies! 

I’ve been working as a Customer Care Representative at Connect Hearing’s Castle Hill clinic since 2019.  

What advice would you give to people putting off addressing their hearing loss? 

Clear communication is ESSENTIAL!   

Without being able to hear clearly, it's easy to misconstrue what’s said. This can cause anxiety and make you feel isolated and depressed.
If you feel like this, my advice is - Don’t wait! Have your hearing tested for peace of mind. 
What made you realise you couldn’t put off having your hearing assessed any longer?
In 2018, my Husband took me aside and gently said I really needed to do something. He’d noticed I was withdrawing from conversations, missing what was happening, and saying "pardon" a lot.   
Has life changed since you started wearing hearing aids?
From day one of wearing hearing aids, I have never looked back. My life was so quiet before them.  

Without hearing aids, I was cut off from my family. I rarely wanted to go out, I couldn’t clearly hear what everyone was saying. I avoided large groups, restaurants, and noisy venues. At the time, I was completely unaware I was doing it. Looking after my health and addressing my hearing loss  is the best investment I’ve ever made in me. 

Does your own experience help you relate to your clients? 

I feel a special rapport with my clients. I love sharing my story with clients who are hesitant about getting hearing aids. I let them know how much difference hearing aids have made to my life and how they’ll make a difference to their lives as well.