Before You Buy New Hearing Aids

The purchase of a hearing aid is an important decision that can significantly increase your safety and quality of life. So take the time to find a knowledgeable licensed hearing professional and the right device.

Couple getting tips on buying hearing aids

  1. Find out about hearing problems and how they can be rectified.
  2. Take our hearing test as preparation.
  3. Find a qualified specialist in your area.
  4. Do not let your search be swayed by cheap advertising promises: digital hearing aids come at a price and only provide beneficial results when they are adjusted to suit your individual hearing problems by a specialist.
  5. Take another comprehensive hearing test with your hearing specialist and have all the details of the results explained to you.
  6. Have the different models that may be suitable for you, your hearing problem and your lifestyle shown and explained to you at a pace that suits you.
  7. Find out what services are included in the purchase price. For example, is the important follow-up examination included? Make sure you also get your hearing specialist to tell you about insurance protection and other programs that can reduce the costs of maintenance, loss, and repair.
  8. Make sure the device is adjusted optimally. Poorly adjusted devices are uncomfortable to wear and do not provide the desired tone quality.
  9. Tell those around you about the new device and remind your friends and acquaintances that, as of now, they no longer need to speak excessively loud.
  10. Find out precisely when the trial period for your device runs out.