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Connect Hearing is a national network of healthcare hearing centres across Australia backed by an experienced telehealth team. Our mission is to make it easier for you to proactively manage your hearing health, delivering customised care, technological superiority, clinical excellence and trust.

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Why get a hearing test? 

Hearing tests are a good way for people of all ages to make their hearing health a priority. If you’ve never had a hearing test before, this is your sign to book one! Annual hearing tests are a great preventative measure against long-term hearing loss and give you valuable insights into your hearing health.

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Listening to truly understand what a client needs is key to great service and our clients deserve to get what they need in a way that suits them and their lifestyle best. We take service seriously and in February 2023, we were again awarded a Gold Trusted Service award!

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What is the SPT?

What is the SPT?The SPT is a scientifically-validated online hearing test developed in Australia with the objective of measuring real-world hearing performance. By focusing on everyday words, instead of machine-made beeps to test your hearing, you can understand exactly what words you are missing out on.

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