Lyric for Tinnitus

Relief For Tinnitus Sufferers

Research suggests that patients with chronic tinnitus can experience relief when provided increased input into the auditory pathway with a hearing aid. However, there are a few characteristics inherent to traditional hearing aids that can limit these potential benefits. These characteristics include the required removal throughout the day for a variety of common activities, like showering, exercising, and especially sleeping (when Tinnitus can be most bothersome). A study conducted by Dr Jacob Johnson (white paper available below) shows that when fitted with an extended wear device like , these limitations can be eliminated and patients observed a significant improvement with their tinnitus.

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The Next Step

Because people with tinnitus are motivated to seek treatment, the best course of action is to attend Connect Hearing for a tinnitus assessment and Lyric candidacy appointment. If Lyric is found to be suitable, aallows each individual time to see how their tinnitus can improve with an extended wear device.

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