Connect Care

(a)  Connect Hearing offers services to individuals and their immediate family (“Recipient”) who are associated with organisations that register for the Connect Care program (“Connect Care Offer”). With the Connect Care Offer, a recipient can enjoy:

(i) One free comprehensive clinical hearing assessment (with a duration of 1 hour valued at $110);

(ii) 10% discount on full price products in the complete range of daily wear Hearing Aids that are available at any clinic. The discount is not applicable for Lyric subscriptions.

(iii)  20% discount on full price Assistive Listening Devices that are available at any clinic. 

For the purpose of this section, 

(iv) Hearing Aids mean products for purposes in connection with hearing rehabilitation, including the earmould and any other attachments necessary for the operation of the device, as categorised by Connect Hearing from time to time. 

(v) Assistive Listening Devices mean devices, with the exception of hearing aids, which assist a person with a hearing loss to hear and understand what is being said more clearly, as categorised by Connect Hearing from time to time. 


(b) Conditions for redeeming the Connect Care Offer:

(i) The Connect Care Offer can be redeemed by a Recipient by visiting a Connect Hearing clinic in Australia or New Zealand and presenting the Connect Care voucher.  

(ii) The Connect Care Offer is subject to the availability of Hearing Aids,Assistive Listening Devices and hearing assessment bookings at the clinic you visit.

(iii)  Unless otherwise provided, the Connect Care Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers, discounts or promotions provided or advertised by Connect Hearing or its affiliates from time to time.

(iv) The Connect Care Offer cannot be exchanged for cash.

(v)  The Connect Care offer can not be used for pre-employment assessments or industrial audiometry testing.


(c) You must not distribute, circulate or publish the Connect Care Offer without our written approval, for example on an Internet message board or on a "bargains" website. Connect Hearing reserves the right to refuse the redemption of such offers. 

(d)  Connect Hearing expressly reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Connect Care Offer.  To the extent permitted by law, including the Australian Consumer Law, Connect Hearing shall not be liable to you for any loss or claim arising out of the refusal, rejection, cancellation or withdrawal of any Connect Care Offer or any failure or inability of a Recipient to redeem a Connect Care Offer.

(e) Connect Hearing expressly reserves the right to resolve any discrepancies, disputes or otherwise unforeseen circumstances as it deems fit and Connect Hearing's decision will be final and binding.

(f) Use of the website and the Connect Care Offer is subject to Connect Hearing’s Privacy Policy With the aim of providing further assistance towards better hearing, Connect Hearing may use information provided by the recipient for the purpose of contacting the recipient to arrange an appointment in one of our hearing centres as well as sending relevant company or product information material to the recipient.