My journey with hearing loss startedSusie Elelman from a
very young age and was quite minor then and now I’ve lost about 60% of my hearing.

When I first realised I had hearing loss, it wasn’t any single light globe moment. I remember it was at one of my first jobs in TV down at WIN Television in Wollongong when so many of my work mates would say to me “you don’t need a microphone Susie, your voice is already so loud”. On reflection I realised that the reason I was talking so loud was because I couldn’t hear myself! Often it is the people around us that notice we have hearing loss early than we do – so maybe I should have listened more to them.

While I’ve been living with hearing loss for most of my life, the first time I connected with Connect Hearing was in 2017.

I was emceeing the entertainment on stage during the Seniors’ Festival Expo at the ICC in Darling Harbour and before the doors opened to the public, I went around to all the exhibitors to learn what they had on offer at their stand that I’d chat about on stage.

There were lots of interesting things to promote during the Expo and the one that wowed me the most came from the Connect Hearing stand.

It’s called Lyric; nicknamed the contact lens for the ear.

The lyric is so tiny; it’s smaller than my little fingernail and placed in your ear canal. You don’t need to change any batteries as the whole unit is replaced about every three months. Its maintenance free, you can shower with them in and comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the volume and turn them on and off.

The other thing that impressed me immensely at the Expo was how helpful and knowledgeable the Connect Hearing team was about all their products. The more the Connect Team spoke about their latest revolutionary hearing loss solution, the more I was hooked.

It certainly captured the attention of my audience too, as every time I spoke about Lyric on stage, the Connect Hearing stand was besieged with people finding out more about Lyric. After the Expo I couldn’t wait to make an appointment to trial the Lyric myself and the experience was amazing!

Lyric is the closest thing I’ve ever come across in hearing aids to equal getting my natural hearing back and the exceptional service from the Connect Hearing team has continued unwaveringly.

Unfortunately my kooky shaped ear canals meant that Lyric wasn’t suitable for me, the Connect Hearing team has patiently continued to find me other wonderful hearing solutions since, like my marvellous Marvels!

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