Hi Susie here,

The workplace can present a number of challenges for those of us living with hearing loss. The noisy environment can at times impact how I communicate with colleagues and in the past, I have found myself constantly asking them to repeat themselves.

I recently provided some tips for managing hearing loss in the workplace for the Connect Hearing LinkedIn community and I want to share these tips with you as well.

Tips for managing hearing loss in the workplace:
  • Be open with your colleagues about your hearing loss
  • Ask if you can be assigned a desk that is in a quiet area
  • Make sure you take advantage of any meeting rooms that are available
  • Look into assistive listening devices designed to help you hear more clearly in a noisy environment. I use the Phonak Roger and it’s fantastic at amplifying the conversations around me. It’s also small and portable and means I can take it into a meeting with ease.
Make sure to check out my video for more information.

Do you have your own workplace listening strategies to share? I’d love to hear from you, make sure to comment below.

Cheers, Susie