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Fact About Hearing Loss

About 800 million people around the world are affected by hearing loss. It is estimated that this number will rise to 1.1 billion by 2015 – about 16% of the world’s population. Several different studies show that approx. 65% of people with hearing loss experience mild hearing loss, 30% moderate and 5% severe or profound hearing loss. Only about a third of all of retirement age. The majority are of school or working age. Studies also showed that only one in five people who would benefit of hearing aid actually uses one.

Australian figures:

  • One in six Australians suffer from some degree of hearing loss
  • By 2050 this will be one in four
  • One in three people over the age of 50 suffer from hearing loss and
  • One in two over the age of 60
  • In 2005, over 3.55m Australians suffered from hearing loss and nearly half of them were of working age (16-64 years)
  • Although these increases are as a result of our ageing population, one third of people acquire their hearing loss from preventable means
  • Hearing loss costs Australia $11.75BN annually in lost productivity and other impacts
  • The total economic cost of hearing loss per annum is $23BN
  • Employment rates for hearing impaired people between the ages of 45 and 65 are lower than for comparable people in the rest of the population (20.5% lower for men and 16.5% lower for women)
  • A person with hearing loss, on average, earns $10K less per annum than someone with no or treated hearing loss
  • $62 per person is spent for hearing loss per annum as compared with $10,904 per person with cancer of $42,064 per person with mental illness

* Source- Hearing Care Industry Association

Hearing loss in young people

According to a British study, 39 percent of 18 to 24 year olds listen to music for at least an hour a day at up to 105 decibels. This means they are subjecting their ears to a level of noise which they should not be tolerating for more than 25 minutes per week. It has been estimated that with this permanent overtaxing there is a danger of developing a hearing loss within about five years.