Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Tips

As with any electronic device, hearing aids are occasionally subject to malfunction. But don’t panic, any problems you experience can often be easily rectified. Here are some simple troubleshooting tips that can help correct some problems you may be facing with your hearing aid.

Sound Issues

"There is no sound coming out of my hearing aid"


  • Turn your hearing aid on and off again
  • Change the battery to a fresh one
  • Check to see if the battery is properly inserted (take it out and put it back in again)
  • Check to see if the wires are clogged with wax, if so you will need to clean them out

"My hearing aid is whistling"


  • Reduce the volume settings of your hearing aid
  • Take the hearing aid out of your ear and refitting it – make sure it fits snugly in your ear. (If it doesn’t you may need to visit an expert audiologist for re-adjustment).
  • Replace the battery as it may be near the end of it’s life

"The sound coming out of my hearing aid is distorted"


  • Go to a quieter area with no sound to rule out any background noise
  • Check to see if the volume settings are correct
  • Replace the battery with a new, fully charged one
  • Check to see if the microphone or wires have been damaged (this may require a trip to the audiologist to fix).

"My hearing aid is too quiet"


  • Give your hearing aid a thorough clean to rid it of any wax build up that may be blocking tubes
  • Replace the battery

Battery Issues

"My hearing aid battery doesn’t last as long as it should do"

A standard hearing aid battery should last around a month. If not then try some of these tips:

  • Turn your hearing aid off and remove the battery when you aren’t using it
  • Leave your battery compartment open at night to allow it to dry out (moisture can lead to corrosion and battery damage)
  • Always store your hearing aid battery is a cool and dry place

Comfort Issues

"My hearing aid doesn’t feel comfortable in my ear"


  • Taking your hearing out and reinserting it
  • Checking to see if you have the right hearing aid in the correct ear

If any of these common problems persist we recommend that you contact one of our expert audiologists.

We recommend that you always use a specialist for servicing and repairs as you may cause irreparable damage to your hearing aid if you attempt to undertake this yourself.