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It’s not uncommon for people who are hard of hearing to feel anxious before going on a holiday somewhere new, as there are many challenges involved in travelling with a hearing impairment. But the last thing you want when you’re on a holiday is to feel stressed or limited by your hearing ability!

To make sure your vacation is as hearing-friendly as possible, we recommend considering the following destinations. We’ve chosen these places based on some very positive feedback from the hard of hearing community. Just remember to request any special hearing requirements you might have well in advance of your departure date!

1. Cruises

Cruises are a fantastic holiday option for those with hearing loss. Not only do they allow you to visit a variety of places without ever having to repack your suitcase, cruise ships do a great job of accommodating guests with hearing impairments. Many ships offer assistive listening devices, closed-captioned telephones, sign language interpreters and visual-tactile alert systems. Assistive listening systems are also commonly featured in theatres on many ships.

Two particularly accommodating cruise companies are Royal Caribbean and Holland America Line.

2. Cairns

A popular holiday destination for Australians and international tourists alike, Cairns is host to a number of exceptional hotels and resorts that cater to the deaf and hard of hearing. Speak to a travel agent about booking a hotel and organising an itinerary to perfectly fit your needs.

3. France

France is very progressive when it comes to catering to those with hearing loss. Speak to your travel agent about booking a spot on one of the many tours run by those in the hearing-impaired community. These tours allow visitors to take in the popular sights using communication methods they feel comfortable with.

4. Disney World Resort, Florida

This is a great one for families (or big kids at heart!). Disney World is renowned for it’s excellent customer service, especially when it comes to guests with hearing needs. Available services include assistive listening, handheld captioning, sign language interpretation, text typewriter telephones and written aids. Each and every guest room in the resort can also be equipped with door knock and phone alerts, phone amplifiers and visual-tactile alert systems. Read more about available services here.

5. New York City

The Big Apple is very popular with tourists who suffer from hearing loss as it is home to a large, hospitable hearing-impaired community. Speak to your travel agent about booking hearing-friendly accommodation and a spot on a tour for people with hearing loss.

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