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With a focus on improving clients’ quality of life, we’re reminded why we come into work every day whenever clients take the time to share how our tailored hearing solutions have helped improve their day-to-day. This week, we greatly appreciated this story from Angela at Connect Hearing Hornsby, who kindly shared her experience with us.

Angela Payne, 80, first discovered that she may have some degree of hearing loss over 10 years ago. While she was fine in one-on-one situations, she struggled to follow conversations in group settings where cross-talking is typically more common. Her immediate solution? Get hearing aids. While she appreciated the general improvement they made, she found the devices clunky, unnatural and distracting. Her next step? Angela sought more specialised care and has since become a client at Connect Hearing Hornsby, where she was fitted with the much smaller and more minimal Phonak Audeo aids. “You don’t even notice they’re in, and that makes a big difference,” Angela said. “They’ve just become a part of my life.”

Armed with new aids and a new lease on life, Angela said she now enjoys going to live shows and plays in the same way she used to when she was younger. “I was at a play the other night and never thought twice,” Angela said. “I never missed out on any of it — not one bit!” This is the outcome we’re aiming for in every set of ears we see.

“My experience with Connect Hearing has been marvellous,” Angela said. “The three clinicians I have worked with over the years have been fantastic in every respect.” It’s clinicians like Ryan Taylor who help make our clients’ hearing care experience so positive. Ryan has over 17 years’ experience as an Audiologist, as well as a Tinnitus Specialist, CAPD Specialist, Educator for Macquarie University Master of Clinical Audiology, Cochlear Implant Specialist and hearing aid consultant for manufacturers. He is passionate about raising awareness for hearing loss and associated health issues. He is also committed to growing Connect Hearing’s new Cochlear Implant program.

So what’s Ryan’s biggest piece of advice? Take action as soon as possible. “Clients generally achieve better outcomes the earlier they receive a diagnosis and rehabilitation,” Ryan said. “You can always trial hearing aids and see for yourself if they’re having a positive impact on your life.”

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