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Living life with hearing loss is no way to live. Since getting hearing aids from Connect Hearing, I can hear things I didn’t even realise I was missing and I don’t think I could get by without them.

The staff at Connect Hearing were incredibly professional and helpful, and they look after you well after you have purchased your hearing aids. I urge anyone struggling with hearing loss to take action and contact Connect Hearing for a hearing assessment
Bert Newton


Why Choose Us?

Our Audiologists and clinicians are dedicated to providing you with the best hearing care solutions. Connect Hearing specialises in a range of hearing aids, hearing loss prevention, hearing accessories, ear plugs, tinnitus advice and more.We always aim to provide you with the highest level of hearing care, advice and service and offer you the best hearing solution or treatment for your type of hearing loss.See what our customers are saying about us on our testimonials page or take a moment to read some of our articles on the hearing forum, which discuss a range of topics from popular hearing aids to advice from our experts.

Hearing Centre Locations

We have hearing centres located throughout Australia with a great coverage throughout Sydney and NSW, Melbourne and regional VictoriaBrisbane and QueenslandAdelaide and South AustraliaPerth and Western Australia and Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory

To find more information on the latest in hearing aid technology request your FREE copy of the 2014 Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids - a  a completely independent, comprehensive catalogue of products available today.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Want to Speak to an Expert?

If you are concerned about your hearing or unsure of what hearing aid would suit you best, feel free to speak to an expert audiologist or audiometrist at any one of our clinics nationwide. Call us on 1300 362 231, and we will put you in touch with your nearest centre.