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Free Hearing Aids for Pensioners & Veterans

Did you know that the Department of Health – Office of Hearing Services provides free services and devices to eligible pensioners and veterans?

This program offers ongoing support and subsidies on popular and necessary hearing products and services for Australian pensioners and veterans. If you are eligible under this program, Connect Hearing will provide you with the following benefits:

  • A completely FREE comprehensive hearing test
  • Subsidised hearing aids, if you need them
  • All hearing aid batteries and maintenance – covered for a small annual fee
  • Ongoing, personalised support from a qualified hearing clinician

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program provides affordable support for Australian pensioners and veterans who are living with hearing loss.

Making hearing loss treatments more affordable means more Australians finding the hearing solution they need.

Am I eligible?

To be considered for the program, you need to be:   

  •  An Australian citizen or permanent resident who is 21 years or older and a Pensioner Concession Card holder
  •  Or a member of the Australian Defence Force

A full list of eligibility criteria can be found on the Department of Health – Office of Hearing Services website..

What do I need to do?

To take advantage of this great Government program, simply follow these four simple steps:

  1.   Download the below form and fill out your personal details on each side 
  2.  Ask your GP to complete and sign the form – and also get them to check for ear wax
  3. Make an appointment at your nearest Connect Hearing centre by calling 1300 656 858
  4. Bring the completed form with you to your Connect Hearing appointment

Connect Hearing has 130 locations nationwide, with experienced clinicians dedicated to helping you find the right hearing solution for your needs.

It’s that simple! Under the Hearing Services Program, your hearing test will be completely free and any hearing devices you may need will be subsidised.

Download the Application for a Hearing Services Voucher for New Clients form today to get started on your journey to better hearing.

What types of hearing aids are available?

From the latest hearing technology to the ultra discreet, Connect Hearing has the right hearing aid for you.

To help you understand the many types available in a really simple way, Connect Hearing has created the Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids. It is available free and can be sent straight to your door by simply calling 1300 186 536 or by completing this form..

helps to understand what type of hearing problems occur so, in simple language, this guide explains the principles of hearing and what can be achieved with hearing aids.

You can take an online hearing test right now

Get a quick and easy assessment of your hearing health by taking Connect Hearing’s FREE online hearing test. The online hearing test consists of two parts, each with a maximum length of 2 minutes. A summary of your results will be shown at the end of both tests.

If your results tell you that your hearing could improve with the use of hearing aids or other hearing devices, Connect Hearing has a dedicated team of hearing specialists with years of experience to assist you.

Find your local Connect Hearing Centre, Contact us here, or call 1300 362 231 to speak to a qualified specialist.