Expectations of Hearing Aids

Lots of people have the wrong idea about hearing aids. This is usually due to experiences with outdated analog devices. For many people this is not direct, personal experience but merely hearsay. Hearing aids have undergone a dramatic development in recent years. Modern digital hearing systems are devices with a built-in microchip. Using software, they can be adapted perfectly to your individual needs and guarantee an entirely new hearing experience right from the first moment.

Hear Better Now

What to expect of hearing aids

How much you get out of your hearing aids, depends on how quickly you take action and start wearing hearing aids. If delayed too long, sensory deprivation can occur. As we start to lose our hearing, the brain ‘forgets’ how to process sounds and if it isn’t reminded of those sounds, they may not recover fully. If hearing aids are fitted soon enough, the brain can rewire and process sounds it hasn’t heard for a while, and the longer hearing aids are used to stimulate the brain, the faster this rewiring process can occur.

It is important to note that hearing aids will not completely restore hearing to perfect levels, but it is also important to note that not many people hear perfectly. The use of accessories can assist hearing aid wearers with distance hearing (from another room), so most situations can be vastly improved.

The process of adjusting to a hearing aid can take time. Your hearing has decreased gradually over the years, however a hearing aid restores much of that hearing loss instantly, which can be overwhelming at times. It is important that you persevere with the hearing aids until you have become accustomed to wearing them.