What hearing loss sounds like

Many people with hearing loss find it difficult to explain to their family and friends how they perceive the world. People with normal hearing, in particular partners or friends of those with hearing loss, are often eager to better understand what losing your hearing sounds like.

This application will help you understand how different stages of hearing loss affect everyday situations such as having a conversation in a noisy environment.

First Indications of hearing loss

One of the first indicators that you are losing your hearing is that listening and understanding what people are saying requires more work, particularly if there is background noise. People who are experiencing the first signs of hearing loss may be unaware of changes to their hearing.

Mild hearing loss

If you are finding it increasingly hard to hear soft noises or to keep up with conversations in loud environments then you may be suffering from mild hearing loss. If the speaker is out of view, or is far away from you then you may have trouble understanding what they are saying.

Moderate to Severe hearing loss

For someone who is suffering from moderate to severe hearing you will only be able to hear speech in a quiet environment, with minimal background noise. This can become particularly frustrating, and for some embarrassing.