Latest Digital Hearing Aids, Types & Guide

latest technology hearing aids

What do the latest hearing aids have to offer?

The biggest advantage that the latest hearing aids have to offer is digital technology. Digital hearing aids – as opposed to the analogue devices of yesteryear – represent the very latest in hearing technology available today. There are many advantages to digital hearing aids, so much so that they have almost entirely forced analogue devices out of the market altogether.

Today, almost 100% of all hearing aids sold are digital devices. Modern hearing aids have a built-in microprocessor, allowing them to process and interpret sound in the same sophisticated way as a computer. These hearing aids can process millions of items of information, to produce excellent tone quality in an extremely small space.

Types of hearing aids

Learn more about the different hearing aids available. There are many different types of hearing aids, with certain styles best suited to different types and severities of hearing loss. Hearing aids range from behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, to completely invisible designs. Find out more to see which type would best suit your needs.

One or two hearing aids?

Do you need one or two hearing aids? Your hearing aid needs will depend on a number of factors, including whether your hearing loss is in just one, or both of your ears. Find out the differences between having one or two hearing aids.

Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids

Get the latest and greatest information on hearing aids with Connect Hearing’s Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids. Request your free copy today for everything you need to know about finding the right hearings aids for you. The guide outlines different hearing aids currently available, what to expect from your hearing aids, and more. 

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