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DECT Phone

The Phonak DECT is a mobile phone (land line) compatible with hearing aids with Phonak connectivity. The phone automatically connects to your hearing instrument when you pick up the handset. 

If you wear two hearing aids, the sound reaches both right and left, regardless of where you hold the phone. Phonak DECT is the ideal phone to use at home or in a small office.
The phone signal is wirelessly broadcast in both hearing aids simultaneously , providing unparalleled sound quality and improved understanding. In addition to the broadcast function, the can also be used by people not wearing hearing aids. Up to 6 handsets can be connected to a single base, which is especially useful for small offices.
For hearing aid users, talking on the phone can be a challenge, especially if they have significant hearing loss. Receiving the telephone signal in both ears greatly enhances speech intelligibility over the telephone, especially in ambient noise. Independent studies show that using a DECT phone, rather than a standard phone, can improve speech understanding by more than 40%.
Hearing loss
How can I have my hearing tested?
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