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The Phonak Virto V family perfectly blends innovative hearing technology and attractive cosmetic design into discreet custom hearing aids that perfectly suits your lifestyle. They are individually designed to fit perfectly into your ear canal for ultimate comfort, there is no other hearing aid this small, capable of this much performance.

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Attractive, Discreet & Flexible Design

These custom ITE (in the ear) hearing aids are designed to be incredibly discreet.

Thanks to the development of the Floating Antenna, wearers can expect more performance in smaller sizes than other custom hearing aids. This tiny, internal antenna allows for 25% less visible surface than the previous Virto Q hearing aids.

The nano is so incredibly small, it is essentially invisible!


Powerful & Innovative Sound Technology

The Virto V, built on Phonak’s groundbreaking new Venture platform, allows users to hear and understand in more challenging listening situations than ever before. Virto V replaces Virto Q, built on the previous Quest platform.  

The new Venture platform boasts longer battery life and more processing power, but perhaps the most compelling feature is the new AutoSense OS which adapts to practically any environment through 200 settings without the need for manual interaction. AutoSense OS makes use of the Virto’s Binaural VoiceStream Technology, which makes singling out one voice at a crowded party or the ability to hear & understand a loved one on a windy beach a reality again.

With its Speech in Wind feature, the Virto V automatically detects wind noise and compares speech signals between hearing aids; the hearing aid with the better speech signal then has its signal replicated and streamed to the other side.

Custom 3D Production

Through advanced technology, a scan of the impression is made creating a computer 3D model. 3D printing can then produce customised casings accurately tailored to perfectly fit each wearer. Laser engraving and cutting are additional steps taken to ensure your device has a perfect finish. 

Watch the video here too see this revolutionary process.

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