Connect Hearing client, Andrew Kyiet, knowsAndrew - Don't delay get your hearing checked today
just how much of an impact a hearing test can have on your life.

Andrew has recently been experiencing increased difficulty in hearing conversations on his mobile phone and in noisy environments. Andrew decided it was time to book an appointment to get his hearing checked and after speaking with our team and completing a hearing test in clinic, Andrew was fitted with a hearing aid that allowed him to continue working and connecting with people without hearing loss slowing him down.

“Over the last 12 months I have been experiencing difficulty in hearing mobile conversations and conversations in noisy environments, especially relating to business conversations. Encouragement from my immediate family to get tested prompted me to visit the Connect Hearing clinic in Warringah Mall” said Andrew.

After visiting the team at the Warringah Mall clinic, Andrew was fit with a pair of Phonak Marvel 90 rechargeable hearing aids and hasn’t looked back.

“They [Hearing aids] have made a significant difference both in business and socially. I am now able to clearly hear conversations on my mobile phone and can hear conversations in noisy environments, such as cafes and restaurants.

I can  take hands-free calls in the car without needing any other equipment, plus I am able to listen to music and videos without the need for head-phones or earbuds!” said Andrew.
Having your hearing checked is the first step to talking control of your hearing and could help you reconnect with the life you love.

So we asked Andrew to tell us what advice he would give to anyone who has been putting off getting their hearing checked?

Andrew said “don’t delay! The potential embarrassment of people noticing that you are wearing hearing aids, which is minimal, is far less than you mis-hearing or frequently asking them to repeat themselves.”

Getting your hearing checked is the first step to better hearing and our team are here to help. If you would like to find out more information about how we can help you find a hearing solution that is just right, contact us today on or call us on 1800 693 277.