At its most basic, the Roger Pen is a wireless microphone. However, its integrated functionality and cutting-edge features allow the mic, which actually looks like a pen, to deliver superior speech-in-noise and over-distance performance to those struggling with hearing loss. The Pen conveniently features adaptive wireless transmission, fully automated settings, wideband audio Bluetooth for cell phone use, TV connectivity and an audio input for multimedia.

  • Roger 2.4 GHz digital technology for the best rendering of speech, without interference or risk of listening by a person using the same frequency

  • Compatible with almost all hearing aids and cochlear implants

  • Discreet design, looking like an ordinary pen

  • Fully automatic directivity

  • Bluetooth functionality for mobile phones

  • TV and multimedia connectivity

  • Ability to add additional microphones

Does it work with a hearing aid?

The short answer is, yes! The Pen is used with small Roger receivers that can be attached directly to hearing aids and cochlear implants that have a telecoil.
It also connects to mobile phones via a Bluetooth link, and it can stream sound from TVs, music players, computers, gaming systems, and more by connecting these devices to the Roger Pen’s charging dock or USB socket. 

Different uses for a Roger Pen

family fishing together, grandpa hearing better thanks to a roger pen
Aside from the most obvious – speech understanding in noisy surroundings – the second most popular use for the Roger Pen is to hear better from far away. It also conveniently connects to other wireless microphones so users can create a microphone network, allowing them to hear multiple speakers with high sound quality. Phone calls and multimedia products are another fantastic use case for the Roger Pen.