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Hearing loss should not prevent anyone, of any age, from an opportunity for employment or just plain…enjoyment! With that in mind, we partnered with one of Australia’s most influential and ever-growing startups, Uber, to provide accessible hearing tests to any individual interested in becoming a driver.

Why did we partner with Uber?

With one in six Australians suffering from some degree of hearing loss, our potential to help expand Uber’s community is great, and their massive reach could greatly benefit our awareness-raising efforts for healthier hearing. Just as vision tests are required when obtaining a driver’s license within Australia, hearing tests would further ensure road safety and mitigate potential risk for Uber’s large community of drivers and passengers.

For citizens over 60, the numbers increase exponentially – one in two individuals aged 60+ suffers from hearing loss.

How does the partnership help Uber drivers?

“People with hearing loss – no matter what their age – shouldn’t feel they are isolated from the community or unable to work,” Wolfgang Bennedik, Managing Director at Connect Hearing, said of the partnership.

From Uber’s perspective, it aligns with their mission to make “flexible economic opportunities available to all,” and most importantly, keep Australia as safe as possible.

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